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Making the right hire makes all the difference.

Estes Group is a recruiting firm different from the rest. We’ve reimagined a way to help you build your business with the right people. Our unique expertise- coming from both in-house recruiting and agency staffing helps you make better hires early.

We handle the hiring for you, while you build your business. Everything from taking the hardest-to-fill role, creating a recruiting playbook for your unique needs, or jumping in as an embedded team member, we’re here with you every step of the way. 


Raise your talent bar with Estes Group


We know how to find and attract the best talent. Partnering with you on a contingent or fractional basis, we will source, screen, and present the best of the best. 


Get a bespoke strategy for every step of your hiring process — from sourcing to interview prep to scorecards — and a playbook for you to take hiring in house.


Searching for a job? Accelerate your search with resume critiques, interview practice, career coaching, and more from Estes Group’s professionals. 

"As far as team builders go,
Estes Group is one of the best I've seen in my career so far."

We’ve been on the inside and outside of the hiring house and we approach recruiting from all angles. Time to raise the recruiting bar? Let’s work together. 

Build your team with Estes Group.


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Your company is in good company.

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