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Hi, we’re Estes Group.

Meet the team behind your future team.

Our Mission

Matching a candidate to a company isn’t about today, tomorrow, or next week. It isn’t about filling a role and moving on to the next hire. It’s about the future of your business. Making a hire is either your best decision or your biggest regret. 


Working with Estes Group means bringing us onto your team. We get to know you, your business, and your goals. Whether it’s a weekly status call or a text every day, we’re right here with you. We’ve hired agency side and in-house — and we’ve combined the best of both hiring worlds to give you the best hires. 


Because if it’s not a “Hell yes,” then it’s a no.

The maker behind the mission.

Hi! I’m Kaylee. I'm a mom, entrepreneur, and team builder.


As a recruiter who has worked both agency and in-house, I understand the impact of broken hiring systems that stop businesses from realizing their full potential. I know that every hire is make it or break it. 

I started Estes Group with a mission to help businesses make better hires. There is no one-size-fits-all approach here—our team truly cares about your business's success and the team that will propel it forward.


So, let’s work together to make better hires and build better businesses.


Our Values

We are experts.

We’ve been on the inside and outside of the hiring house and we approach recruiting from all angles.

We earn your trust.

Our approach is disarming. We intimately know you and your business — so we can bring your vision to life with the right people. 

You have a trusted voice and team to collaborate and problem-solve with you. Think of Estes Group as part of your team in house. We’re that close. 

We are your partners.

with you.

We raise the bar 

We are determined to find the best fit for every role. We hold every hire to the highest bar.  

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