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Talent Strategy for startups and beyond.

Your recruiting needs come down to strategy and infrastructure. With the right strategy and process in place, you will be able to self-manage your hiring journey from interview to offer letter. 


While Estes Group searches for your talent needs, we develop a recruiting playbook to turn over to you — so when you’re ready to manage your hiring on your own, you have everything you need to do it successfully.

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Erin F., CTO

"Kaylee was an outstanding recruiter for me during the high growth stage of Greenlight. She cares about the candidates and her stakeholders and always went the extra mile to ensure everyone spoken to had a good experience no matter the outcome."

Matt F., Engineering Leader

"Kaylee was one of my favorite folks within recruiting. She genuinely cares about the people involved in the recruiting and hiring process as humans in a way that I think more of the industry should replicate. Throughout our time together, I worked with her to improve our engineering hiring process and adapt it for new types of roles that we hadn't hired for before. I hope I get to work with her again in the future because, as far as team builders go, Kaylee is one of the best I've seen in my career so far."

Timothy H., VP of Engineering

"Kaylee has been a top recruiting partner for me and my entire organization as we ramped up in 2022. From my personal onboarding experience (she recruited me!), to landing exceptional leaders and senior engineers, to facilitating expansion to India - Kaylee has been a consummate professional and major driving force for our bar raising talent acquisition in engineering."
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