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Build your business.
We’ll build your team.


Bring on the best of the best.

The talent you’re looking for comes back to your goals, your culture, and your vision. When you work with Estes Group, we get to the root of your business — so we can bring you a roster of talented candidates that fit. We know them, we know you, and we know you’ll make a great team. 


More than just staffing. Strategy.

You’ve got more than seats to fill. You have a team to build. That takes a bulletproof strategy. Estes Group helps you build a hiring engine so you can find and recruit top talent with an organizational vision. 


We help you implement a strategic end-to-end process — from sourcing candidates to training interviewers to scorecard creation and negotiation packages. If you need to hire 2 more people or 200 more people, you’ll have a sound strategy and playbook to scale your team. 


We’re here to meet you, not a quota. 

We proudly take a human approach to hiring. That means we’re focused on making quality placements, not just any placements. Every team we build has a different story, so when you work with us, we’ll get to know yours deeply. We’ll get so immersed, you’ll think we’re on your team. 

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