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Let's work together

End-to-end recruiting and talent strategy for companies of all sizes.


Recruit with partners you can trust.

Consider Estes Group as your in-house recruiting partners. From Day 1, we join your team to grow your team. We’re hands-on and here for you. Whatever that means for your team’s needs — whether it’s a weekly strategy call or a hiring therapy session (hiring can be hard!) — we’re your partners, not your staffers. 

Build a best-in-class talent strategy. 

Looking for long-term talent planning? Estes Group is your team. We’ll consult you on the “people needs” for your business and strategize the best way to hire, organize, and develop your team. 

From end to end, your talent strategy will set you and your team up for success. So you can continue making great hires long after your work with Estes Group. 

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Job-seeking? Start here.

You don’t have to job-hunt alone. Estes Group helps you search for jobs, connect with professionals, build your resume, prep for interviews, and negotiate your offer. 

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